Your company’s brand is its identity. It’s what consumers see, hear, feel and think of when interacting with your products or services. Effective and memorable branding is essential to a successful recreational or medicinal cannabis company. Our mission is to work collaboratively with your company to identify strengths, eliminate weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities in the market, so that your business stands out in the saturated legal cannabis industry. We will develop a unique and unmistakable personality for your brand, both tonally and visually, that tells a story worth listening to.

Grow your brand through:

  • Logo Design & Naming
  • Typography & Colors
  • Copywriting

Web Design

What do you want consumers to notice about your cannabis company? What is most important to communicate to potential purchasers? Prioritizing these messages is not only essential to generating conversion, but is also the simplest method to educate interested customers on the services and products you provide. If the brand is the story you want to tell, then your website is the collection and organization of pages between the covers. Our team of experienced developers and UI/UX designers will turn your recreational cannabis story into a digital experience, intuitively leading the consumer down the intended path. Because what good is a memoir if the chapters are out of order?

Grow your brand through:

  • Website Development
  • Local & National Optimization
  • Conversion Centered Design

Package Design

Everyone knows the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Unfortunately, when it comes to initial purchase decisions, this sentiment works better in theory than in practice. If some consumers are engaging with your product or service before the education phase from the website, then it is imperative that your packaging and product design is eye catching and easily identified. Design is subjective by nature, but if your product isn’t one of the first to capture consumers’ attention, then it has failed its purpose. Our talented graphic designers and art directors will work with you to ensure that your story is summarized into a visual narrative consumers can’t pass on. You’re confident that product trial will lead to repeat customers; it’s our job to convince them to open the front cover.

Grow your brand through:

  • Distinct Package Design
  • Differentiating Textures
  • Attention Capturing Collateral

Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that we’re living in the digital age. Your consumers are inundated with thousands of competing messages hourly, many of which fail to reach a level of comprehension. In today’s climate, cannabis marketing must remain vigilant when speaking to our target demographic, due to both legal restrictions and the saturated landscape of a competitive industry. Essentially, if your brand attempts to reach everyone, then you’re less likely to convert anyone. Our expertise lies in targeting the right customers, at the appropriate time, through the most engaging mediums, featuring the most effective messages. Digital analytics will provide the answers, but it’s Greenlit’s human element that dictates the proper application of those findings.

Grow your brand through:

  • Location based SEO & SEM
  • Social Media & Influencers
  • Digital Media


Content is king! Whether that is in regards to traditional digital marketing or the application to recreational cannabis marketing, consumer engagement through various social mediums is undeniably important. While your website will serve as the digital hub for product and service education, it is naive to expect consumers to solely rely on your webpage for all product innovations and brand updates. Our skilled photography and video teams are prepared to help generate content for your brand, so that consumers never have to arduously search for information. The most effective and engaging content utilizes an always on strategy, so that your brand stays top of mind for the consumer, even when they’re not searching for you.

Grow your brand through:

  • Video Production
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography
  • Branded Content