Who We Are

Since the 2012 legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington state, the marijuana industry has seen revolutionary growth, and as a result, significant saturation in the markets where weed is legal. Due to these trends, we discovered an opportunity to develop an advertising agency that focuses exclusively on recreational marijuana marketing; thus Greenlit was established. As the marketing and recreational cannabis industries have simultaneously evolved over time, Greenlit has secured a stronghold on the specific strategic services we offer. Greenlit presents a unique combination of traditional creative and innovative digital marketing tactics, which when utilized in harmony, can create a distinct identity for your cannabis business or brand.

What We Do

Recently, the saturation of legal cannabis markets and the controversial nature of its presence within the federal landscape, has created limitations on traditional marketing, which pose a threat to legal cannabis marketing. As a result, digital marketing tactics, such as targeting specific audience segments and search engine optimization, have become the preferred and most effective methods for building awareness and generating conversion. By creating a unique and easily-identifiable brand, we can help your recreational cannabis business stand out in this dense and competitive industry. While strategic, digital tactics lead to increased conversion, a distinct brand identity is the most effective way to create loyal, consistent consumers, who align with your cannabis company.

How We Do It

As experts in the creative and digital marketing industry, it is our mission to ensure that your brand stands above the rest. We understand the modern atmosphere in which customers not only interact with brands, but also how they engage with various mediums and technological or social platforms. Greenlit prides ourselves on the ability to develop strategic creative and execute effective digital tactics, so that your audience is seeing the right messages at the appropriate time in the correct digital environments. Want to learn more about Greenlit and the unique brand of services we can provide? Please feel free to reach out and initiate a conversation.